Elizabeth Latimer
Series 2, 3
Appeared in 12 episodes
Status Alive
Location Broadchurch
Family Beth Latimer - mother

Mark Latimer - father
Daniel Latimer - brother
Chloe Latimer- sister
Liz Roper - grandmother

Actor Ava Priddis, Millie Priddis, Emily Allison

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Latimer is the daughter of Beth Latimer and Mark Latimer. She is the sister to Chloe Latimer and Daniel Latimer. Elizabeth is named after her deceased grandmother, Liz Roper.

She immediately bonded with her father, Mark, and she seemed to be a replacement for her deceased brother Danny. She also bonded strongly to her sister Chloe since Chloe looked after her through the trial.


Series 1 Series 2 Series 3

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