Charlotte Beaumont
Date of Birth 1995
Place of Origin Watford, Hertfordshire, UK
Contributions to Broadchurch
Role in Broadchurch Chloe Latimer
Episodes Episode 1.1 Episode 1.2 Episode 1.3 Episode 1.4 Episode 1.5 Episode 1.6 Episode 1.7 Episode 1.8 Episode 2.1 Episode 2.2 Episode 2.3 Episode 2.7 Episode 2.8

Charlotte Beaumont played Chloe Latimer in Broadchurch. She also played Kenzie in Waterloo Road, Series 10.


  • Charlotte appeared in all eight episodes in Series 1 but only appeared in five episodes in Series 2. This was due to her central character in Waterloo a Road's last series.

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